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Our Top Picks for Summer Camping

The Summer months are finally approaching and now might be the time you are thinking about booking those camping get away's.

While it stays light out for longer at this time of year, it's inevitable that you'll still need a trusty torch, so we're hear to point you in the right direction and give you our top picks for camping.


A camping staple, lanterns are an excellent choice when camping as they provide large areas of illumination.

Rechargeable pick:
The Fenix CL26R is super compact for a lantern of it's capability, with an output of 400 lumens, and while it isn't the brightest rechargeable available it still packs an impressive output and has many other favourable features. It offers 360° illumination with 3 brightness settings, a 25 lumens front illumination for lower level lighting in a smaller area and also has two light outputs from the underside which is useful for when hung above head inside a tent. As well as white light it also offers low level red and red flashing outputs. In addition to the hanging hook it can also be mounted on a tripod or magnetically attached to a metal surface. The battery is recharged inside the torch, so this lantern option would be best used with access to electric hook up or a power bank.

Non-Rechargeable Pick:
If you are planning on going off the grid with no electricity then the Silverpoint Starlight X750 is an excellent choice as it uses 3 x C cell alkaline batteries that can easily be replaced. This lantern has a maximum output of 750 lumens from a C.O.B LED set up, and the beauty of it is the dimming function that allows the output to be adjusted between 750 - 75 lumens so that you can find the brightness level that is right for you. The rubberised carry handle can also be used to hang the lantern up or it can be stood on a flat surface for 360° illumination.

Hand torches

Whilst lanterns are great for illuminating the campsite, a hand torch is also an essential for those night time trips to the toilet block!

Rechargeable Pick:
The Fenix UC30 provides an impressive 1000 lumens output for the darker areas, but can also be used in a lower setting if less light is needed. It's handy size is still small enough for a coat pocket, but still big enough that it won't be easily lost if dropped. A strobe feature is useful for protection, but equally can attract attention in an emergency. The battery is recharged inside the torch, so again this is a good option if you have access to a power source or are only travelling for a few nights and won't need prolonged use of the torch. A lockout function ensures the light won't be accidentally turned on while in a bag or pocket, thus saving battery.

Non-Rechargeable Pick:
When it comes down to a no frills, easy to use hand torch, the Ledenser P7 will always fit the bill. It uses easily replaceable AAA alkaline batteries, it is a great pocket size and has an output of 450 lumens with three brightness options in total. The spot to flood focusing means you can cover a larger area while walking over the field and then narrow the beam down for more enclosed areas.

Head Torches

Sometimes you just need to have you hands free, but still have the light right in front of you and that's where the head torch comes in.

Rechargeable Pick:
The Nitecore NU20 offers a 360 lumen output, in a lightweight design at a good price point. The beam provides a combination of a central hotpot and a flood with a 100° angle which is perfect for peripheral vision, especially when on a campsite or out in the wilderness. There are four brightness outputs to chose from as well as a strobe and location beacon. The built-in battery is easily recharged with the included micro USB cable and it even comes in a choice of colourways, so you and the family could have on each without getting mixed up.

Non-Rechargeable Pick:
The Coast FL19 uses 3 x AAA alkaline batteries that all sit in the head lamp compartment at the front, thus reducing the weight of a rear battery pack. It offers a high output of 330 lumens, a low white output and also a red output. The head band is comfortable, adjustable and has reflective particles to keep you safer.

So now you have our top picks, all that's left to do is get yourself kitted out, happy camping!

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