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Does what I want

I was looking for an Olight product as I do rate then and they are pushed by John Cadogan so must be good :). I possibly wouldn't have bought it at full price but it was a bargin at the discount one. Just great.

Exactly as ordered and required

I had been unable to source the rechargeable batteries from my usual supplier. Not only were they available here but they arrived quickly.

Great company, good prices and after sales and postage always on time.

Great company, good prices and after sales and postage always on time.

Great company, good prices and after sales and postage always on time.

Great company, good prices and after sales and postage always on time.

Great company, good prices and after sales and postage always on time.

great product 😊

Great torch, perfect for weight and size for work and leisure. Its going to good daily use!

Mini but powerful !!!

Great compact torch, very powerful in turbo mode, great features for such a small torch.

Simple and speedy

Needed a replacement as I'd lost the original, simple to order and delivered in two days.
PS. Now I've found the original, but got a spare 😊

Excellent Torch

Having had several Maglites over the years, most of which were totally unreliable after a while, I decidied to spend more to get something that worked reliably. Hopefully, this torch will be reliable although it's too early to say yet. It looks well made and has several brightness levels as well as a strobe and SOS mode. Max brightness is very bright and the beam focus can be adjusted. TorchDirect made the buying process simple and efficient.

Happy customer

Just what I needed to put on my key ring.

Ledlenser Spare Shoulder Carry Strap for X21, X21R, X21.2 & X21R.2

Broke the old one due to misuse so know it’s normally great

Excellent Head Torch.

Fantastic head torch,well built,lightweight and extremely comfortable.Bought for fishing at night very easy to operate with very good light output.This Nitecore head torch was well worth the money paid.Great service from Torch Direct also would definitely purchase from them in the future.

Nitecore 12k - Great Torch

Really pleased with the 12k, build quality is as you would expect from Nitecore, Easy to hold and operating is easy. The display with power level and illumination time left is really useful. Was looking at the 20k Nitecore but thought that may be a bit big, so went for the 12k. When its in Turbo mode trust me you dont need anything else. Also service and delivery time was excellent from the supplier

Tiny but bright

Lovely little torch that's perfect for a pocket or bag.

Head torch

Not had it long, but it's comfortable, lightweight but actually very solid -it's just nice and small. Positive and simple operation. I love it. If it lasts like another little Fenix torch I've had for years, well it'll be well worth the price. Plus it has good high water resistance, and on full ( or even half) nice and bright, off one little AA.... Recommend !

For the price so impressive

At this price point I am so impressed with this torch/light. Portable, lightweight and so versatile with the magnets, hook, clip and swivel base. Light is very bright as well. 100% would recommend exactly what I wanted.

Very pleased

Torch was bought as a gift so cannot really comment on its performance, but if it is anything like the Fenix I bought from torchdirect some time ago, recipient will be delighted. As far as the service from torchdirect is concerned, ordering was easy and delivery prompt. Very pleased.

Good Battery

Been pretty impressed with this battery. It lasts quite a while between charges although to be fair it’s still quite new.

Great torch

This torch does exactly what I wanted. Compact yet powerful, producing a good light without spoiling my night vision.

Olight Holster For M2R Pro, Seeker 2 & Seeker 2 Pro
Craig G.
torch bet pouch

spot on as advertised

Fantastic versatile little torch

Olight are currently my favourite torch brand and have been for a couple of years now, they always work flawlessly and are of the highest build quality and include nice touches like the magnetic charging cable. This little torch is absolutely brilliant, it is about the same size as my thumb but can run on low power for ten days or can put out a beam that would shame a car headlight, the red light is very bright also, it can be handheld, worn on clothing, or used as a head torch. I bought this specifically as an astronomy torch but it has proved to be very useful for everything, this would be a perfect " if you're only going to have one torch" item. The button on Olight torches were in my opinion their only achilles heel they always were too stand out and easy to press, this one is flush and takes quite a firm press, much better than the older models. I really really like this little torch, I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation and the Olight brand in general, the only brand of torch I have never had any problems with ever. To sum up, this in my opinion is about the most useful torch that you can own.

First Class

Excellent service and follow u question answered fully

Sturdy, Dependable, Long Life.

I ended up buying three to replace my trusty 12 year old standby lamps that had seen better days, and their time had come to go to the lamp graveyard in the sky.
The rated life of these Coast Lamps of 30hrs on the lower (but still bright) setting, on one set of four D Type rechargeable batteries, is virtually double the life of my old ones for the same type of batteries. They are also much brighter than my old ones; the march of technology :)
Tested one out first for brightness and longevity, liked it, and bought two more. I now have these three as my main go-to standby lights together with two combined solar/hand crank ones of another make.
Pleasantly surprised at the speed of dispatch, they arrived (very) quickly, soundly packed. Nice lamps, long life ..... I'm good to go :)