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Great as a gas free alternative

I don't smoke, but it lights candles for birthday cakes very well.
Also, first time using torchdirect - would use them again all went very smoothly

Tactical torch holder

I had stopped using my torch due to every Time I carried it, it would accidentally be activated due to the poor design and positioning of the on off switch. Due to the torch getting so hot when on, the accidental switch ons have burnt a hole in car seats and uniform. This pouch has enabled me to use the torch again, but I feel the torch should have been supplied with at for the cost I payed.

Fantastic Service and a great little torch

Torch Direct were brilliant, great comms and super fast delivery.

The torch itself is fantastic. Small but powerful. An excellent item for use travelling or in a grab bag.

Well made

It is a Good quality well made torch. The strong magnet holds it in place. I am pleased with it and the excellent service from torch direct.

Excellent bit of kit

Great torch

Let there be light!

This useful set of lighting units - four of them - are each connected to a control-cum-battery unit, the battery being rechargeable. They are constructed from good quality alloy, and other materials for the bendy parts. They have a reassuring quality feel about them. A nice touch is that you can have the control unit engraved, say, with your initials.
Although I have not used any of the components "in anger" as yet, it is good to have a set of different lighting units for different purposes.

Xtar AA 1.5 V, 2500 mAh Lithium Protected Battery (4 Pack)

Nice discharge characteristics with high capacity, still early use but they seem to be very good. Great service and next day delivery too!

Everything about it, settings and length of charge, it’s all good, my Nitecore T4K is a tool I use everyday.

I like it

Small and powerful enough for everything I want.

Great product and service

I had an older 2D Maglite for work and treated myself to a newer 3D one for home and I'm not disappointed in the slightest. Torch Direct even laser engraved a message on the handle for free! Thanks and a happy customer over here.

Very helpful

Excellent service.. Good battery. Highly recommend.

NEBO Trio Rechargeable LED Pen Light, Work Light & Laser - Blue

Best torch ever

Great torch for price range with plenty of use and compatibility

Absolutely great torch for the price range with ease of use, commonality with battery type (one of the few olights that aren't built in batteries) and fits to pretty much anything as shown by what I put it on, the ease of fitting and changing the rail block placement means it will be able to fit just about anything out there including homebrew horrific builds like mine, has fantastic light output in low and high setting and the strobe effect is great, only downside I can think of is in the use I've got so far keeping it in high brightness mode makes it warm up pretty quick however it hasn't been an issue yet and to avoid it you can keep it on lower brightness for prolonged use, overall I'd give it a 5/5 if it wasn't for the heating up on bright

Amazing Torch

i have 2 of these and they are fantastic for our business and Personal use


fast delivery very pleased with lighter do's as says on tin and more

Great little UV torch

Great little UV torch, used for curing small amounts of UV resin in my craft projects. Works as intended, very happy.

Mini Maglite 2-Cell

Nice torch gives good light for it's size

Nitecore D4 Battery Charger

A great product, and great service from Torch Direct.

Bright and dark

Good little torch, no background spill into visible so only see emission, powerful enough to see banknotes nicely and some fungi

Good Product

Came well package in a nice box.

Neat Unit

I'm very happy with this device. Initially I thought the slider mechanism felt a bit flimsy, but I have now worked through my stock of old batteries and everything works well. A bonus for me is that it will also test button cells, which my previous tested did not. Overall, a good piece of kit at a good price.

Amazing little torch

Even through I’d check the dimensions the torch was much smaller than I expected when it arrived. It feels great in hand, very robust and machined to a high standard. Various modes to choose from and when on high it is amazing how much light this tiny torch produces. Run time seems fine so far also. If in doubt, buy it and you won’t regret. As a side note, Torch Direct…. Quick and efficient service. Full marks :)

2nd one I’ve bought. Lovely night light. Solid or changing colours. Adjustable brightness.

Great little colour changing orb.
Select a solid colour or leave it cycling through.
Lovely night light.
Easy to charge on its magnetic lead.
Family loved it so i had to buy another.

Nice greenish colour body and parts.
All give useful light sources.
Main torch head and flexible have focusing collars.
The tiny LED head is like a fibre optic head i had for a maglite. Great for inspection inside small spaces. Very useful multifunction set.