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Laser Engraving Service

We have an in-house professional laser engraving machine and a selected range of our torch products can be laser engraved. Our engraving machine uses a fibre laser, which provides a fine, accurate beam of powerful laser light to mark your product perfectly and permanently. We have skilled and experienced staff, trained by the manufacturers to ensure that you receive a top quality permanent marking on your product.

How it works

We are currently offering a free laser engraving service, so there no charge, this is subject to change and is a limited time offer.

To obtain this service simply enter the text that you wish to be engraved (this could be a name, number, slogan etc.) into the text box on the relevant product page and then add the product to basket.

If you wish to order a second torch of the same type with a different engraving, simply remove the previous text from the engraving box, enter the new engraving text, and again add the torch to basket. The basket page will show the torch, with the engraving underneath, and the quantity. To change the engraving text, please remove the item from the basket and start over.

The standard font we've selected and use when engraving your item is ‘Arial' as we find it gives the best results. Depending on which item is being engraved, our machine operators will adjust the text size to fit the available space. Please take great care when typing your chosen text, as our system will capture, process and replicate exactly what has been requested. Mistakes cannot be corrected.

We are able to reproduce lowercase, uppercase, numbers and punctuation marks. Larger torches will allow a maximum of 20 characters (including spaces) per item, however smaller products will have a 5 or 10 character maximum allowance due to the restricted space available. This information will be shown underneath the engraving form at checkout.

Some products will not offer the engraving option on the product page either due to lack of space, incompatible material / finish or that the packaging is not easily accessible.

Please Note: We cannot offer a refund or exchange for engraved products once the engraving process has been completed, because the product has been personalised.