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Coast Products

About Coast

Since the very beginning, Coast have made innovations that make people’s lives easier and jobs safer. And they’re still at it. It all started with a salmon fillet knife on Oregon’s coastline. And today it’s world-class LED optical technology with many patented technologies that transform a single light into a major workhorse. Today, Coast lights are a favourite among police officers, home DIYers, recreationalists, and more. One thing has never changed: Coast innovations are trusted tough.

All Coast torches have high quality LEDs with long run-times and economy in use. Most models operate from simple AA or AAA batteries. The most impressive feature of Coast products, however, is the quality and purity of beam produced by their patented 'Pure Beam' Focusing Optic. Giving exceptionally pure, white beams without shadowing or imperfections. Coast torches with this feature offer long-distance beams when in 'Spot Mode' with a bright core and a wide peripheral halo resulting in a larger light area. When used in 'Flood Mode' the beam is approximately double that of most leading brands, with a consistency and purity that is simply flawless.

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