Torch Direct Featured In Dayinsure Article

Torch Direct has been featured in Dayinsure's article about the importance of having the right kit to hand in your car in case of emergency or breakdown, and of course a torch is one of those all important items.

When it comes to car journeys and road trips, there is always a chance that something could go wrong, leaving you and your passengers on the side of the road, so this article is well worth a read to make sure you are prepared for anything.

Dayinsure decided they wanted to include a torch from Torch Direct in their ultimate emergency breakdown kit, so reached out to us for our advice and recommendations. We told them: “A high-quality torch will offer reliability, robustness and security. They can be useful in many ways, such as allowing you to see while checking under the bonnet, changing a tyre, attracting attention in an emergency, guiding you to a point of safety and most importantly it makes you visible to other road users in the dark.”

A great torch that covers all requirements is the Unilite PS-IL10R, as it can be used hands free with a kickstand or magnet for car maintenance and it can also be used as a torch to guide you to safety with a range of output levels.

From torches and power banks to seat belt cutters and first-aid kits, there are a lot of things to consider having stored away safely in your car for an emergency. To see Dayinsure’s full list of recommendations and other advice from Torch Direct, ‘The ultimate emergency breakdown kit for your car’ can be read here. 

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