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Your Guide to Solar Panels

With the summer season in full swing, it's the perfect time to bring out the solar panels and embrace the benefits of renewable energy. But how exactly do solar panels work, and which one is the best fit for you? Read on to find out!

Why Choose Solar Panels:

So why should we use solar panels over traditional non-renewable energy? While it's impossible to completely avoid traditional energy sources, integrating solar energy into our lives is a significant step towards sustainability. It’s no secret that the rise of global warming poses a threat to our planet and simple switches, when possible, are the way forward.

Solar energy is a renewable energy, meaning we have an endless supply. The use of solar energy causes no harm to the environment, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change which is essential to protecting humans, wildlife and ecosystems.

How exactly does it all work? Let us explain! Solar panels utilise photovoltaics (PV) which capture and absorb solar radiation emitted by the sun. This creates electrical charges that move in response to an electric field in the cell, which in turn causes electricity to flow.

Did you know the amount of sunlight that strikes the surface in just an hour and a half is actually enough to handle the worlds entire energy consumption in a full year? Pretty impressive right? Although the actual amount of solar radiation varies by location, so these results are not realistic, but the power is there!

Practical Uses of Solar Panels:

Aside from contributing to the wellbeing of the environment, solar panels can actually save you money in the long run. With absolutely no costs to run and very little effort, all you need is a clear day to generate power.

Now that summer is here and we are all spending more time in the outdoors it’s the perfect time to invest in a solar panel. Maybe you enjoy long walks in the countryside or hiking, attach your solar panel to your backpack for effortless power. Or maybe camping trips are more your thing? Simply attach the solar panel to your tent, caravan or even set it up on the camp grounds. Use power banks to store the charge or charge your devices on the go. Keep a clean, portable power source with you at all times.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel:

How do you know which solar panel is best for you? Here at Torch Direct we offer a range of panels, perfect for different scenarios. Let’s go through each collection so you can find your perfect match. Feel free to send us an email us for more help!

Goal Zero Solar Panels:

Let’s hear it from Goal Zero themselves: “Goal Zero's collection of monocrystalline portable solar panels is the ultimate ally for anyone needing reliable power on the go. Whether you're topping off a phone or recharging a power pack, our solar panels ensure you have the energy you need. These portable panels are a testament to both durability and efficiency, designed to meet the demands of varied environments while providing a sustainable source of power.”

The Nomad Range:

The Nomad range features lightweight and durable solar panels designed with portability in mind. The built-in kickstand allows the solar panel to be positioned perfectly. Ranging from 5 W to 100 W, there is a power range for everyone. The Nomad 5 is the smallest of the collection, a single panel offering up to 5 W of power and is super lightweight. The Nomad 100 W is the largest, with up to 100 W of power and features four foldable panels, maintaining its portable design.

The Nomad range is perfect for anyone on the move. These solar panels are ideal for setting up each day at camp before packing away and moving to the next place.

The Boulder Range:

The Boulder range offers slightly more heavy-duty options. Ranging from the Boulder 50 up to the Boulder 200, this collection of solar panels is designed for charging your Goal Zero Yeti’s and Sherpa’s. The smaller panels (the Boulder 50 and 100) are mountable, making them perfect permanent features for trips, while the larger panels are designed for portability.

The Boulder range is ideal for off-the-grid trips when paired with a Goal Zero Yeti or Sherpa, which you can find on our website!

Nitecore Solar Panels:

Nitecore offers two super portable solar panels: the FSP30 and FSP100. The FSP100 features eight panels that fold down to the size of a small laptop, with a handle for easy carrying and storage. Fold them out across your car or tent for easy on-the-go charging while on trips away. The FSP30 is the smaller version, a four-panel foldable solar panel perfect for attaching to your backpack while on walks.


This summer, make the switch to solar energy and enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable power. From the portable Nomad range to the heavy-duty Boulder collection and the super portable Nitecore panels, we have something for everyone.

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