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Must-Have Torches for Dog Walks

As the evenings soon draw in and darkness becomes a companion on our dog walks, it's crucial to prioritize safety for both ourselves and our beloved furry friends. Navigating dimly lit paths can be challenging, which is why a reliable torch is essential. In this blog post we are bringing you a curated selection of torches that are perfect for dog walking.

Ledlenser P7R Core:

The Ledlenser P7R Core hand torch is a popular bestseller among LedLensers' collection. Its impressive 1000 lumen output illuminates your path up to 210 meters for safe dog walking adventures. Equipped with Smart Light Technology, it offers versatile lighting options to suit various situations and the Advanced Focus System enables both long-distance focused beams and up-close spill-beam. Conveniently rechargeable via USB, it also features a 15 lumen backup for added safety. Its compact size, measuring just 158mm and weighing 202g, fits perfectly in your pocket. With an IP68 rating, this torch ensures durability in any situation. Grab it now from Torch Direct at the unbeatable price of £94.98, saving over £20.

Ledlenser P7R CORE Rechargeable LED Torch (torchdirect.co.uk)

Fenix HL32R-T:

Introducing the Fenix HL32R-T head torch, a high-performance rechargeable companion tailor-made for dog walking and other outdoor activities. Experience hands-free illumination with its two independent switches for seamless transitions between spot and flood modes. The adjustable, reflective, and perforated headband ensures both comfort and safety. The built-in impact sensors deliver frequency sensing illumination, optimizing brightness to match your stride. Rechargeable via USB, this lightweight torch boasts an impressive 800 lumen output, illuminating your path up to 132 meters. Weighing just 107g, it strikes the perfect balance of power and portability for all your night-time adventures and costs £79.98.

Fenix HL32R-T Rechargeable LED Head Torch (torchdirect.co.uk)

Unilite FL-2:

Discover the Unilite FL-2 hand torch, a compact and high-quality LED torch perfect for dog walking. With an impressive 220 lumens on the high setting and a 117-meter beam range, it ensures excellent visibility. The micro switch in neon yellow enhances visibility further. Complete with a wrist lanyard, it's easy to keep close during your adventures. Weighing just 94 grams and measuring 109mm, this torch is both lightweight and powerful. Grab it now for only £34.90 and illuminate your dog walks with confidence.

UniLite FL-2 LED Torch (torchdirect.co.uk)

With unbeatable prices and cutting-edge features, these torches are a must-have for any dog owner. Happy dog walking!

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