Nitecore E4K LED Torch
Nitecore E4K LED TorchNitecore E4K LED TorchNitecore E4K LED TorchNitecore E4K LED TorchNitecore E4K LED TorchNitecore E4K LED Torch

Nitecore E4K LED Torch

4400 Lumen Output
5000 mAh 21700 USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion battery included
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Brand:  Nitecore
Product Code:  E4K
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The Nitecore E4K is the next generation in the Explorer series, being powered by a 21700 lithium-ion battery yet still retaining the compact size. It utilises 4 x Cree XP-L2 V6 LEDs for an impressive maximum output of 4400 lumens on the turbo setting.

The torch is powered with the included Nitecore NL2150HPR high discharge 15 A, 21700 5000 mAh USB-C lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which is charged outside of the torch via the USB Type C charging port on the battery itself using the included Type C charging cable for fast charging. Other 21700 lithium-ion batteries can be used, however they need to have a high discharge current of at least 15 A.

Although a 21700 lithium-ion battery is recommended, the E4K can also two 16340 (RCR123A) lithium-ion rechargeable batteries or two CR123A lithium metal non rechargeable batteries using the included battery adaptor that makes the batteries compatible, which provides great versatility. The turbo output cannot be accessed when using 16340/CR123A batteries.

Five brightness levels and three special modes are available, which are controlled using the single side switch. To turn the torch on press and hold the switch for one second, and it will come on in the last used brightness level. If you wish to change the brightness level, from off continue to hold the button for longer than 1 second and the light will begin to cycle through the brightness levels in the order of ultra-low, low, mid, high, turbo and simply release at the desired output.

Momentary turbo can also be instantly accessed with the light on by pressing and holding the button, and once released the light will go back to the previous output, which is a useful feature if you briefly need quick access to the highest output. Direct access to ultra-low can also bee achieved by double pressing the button with the light off, which is great for those times you need the smallest bit of light but don't want to cycle through the outputs or turn the torch on in a higher memorised setting.

Special modes are accessed with the light on by triple pressing the button and then the mode can be changed by holding the button to cycle through SOS, beacon, strobe. To exit the special modes press the button to turn the light off. The E4K also has two user defined modes of daily and tactical that are each useful for different tasks. Three quick presses of the button while the torch is off will provide instant access to constant turbo when the torch is in daily mode, or provide instant access to strobe if the torch is in tactical mode.

To change between daily and tactical mode, ensure the torch is off, loosen the tail cap and then hold down the button while tightening the tail cap back up. The LEDs will then flash one for daily mode or twice for tactical mode.

The E4K also features a power indicator light which will flash to notify the user of the battery voltage when the battery is first installed in the torch. For example if the battery is 4.2 V the blue light will flash four times, pause and then flash twice more. The indicator will also show the battery power when pressed once while the torch is off by flashing three times for above 50% power, two times for below 50% power and flash once for below 10 % power.

The integrated advance temperature regulation (ATR) technology regulates the output of the E4K according to the working condition and ambient environment to maintain optimal performance.

Product Features

Single button offers access to five brightness levels and three special modes
Strobe uses randomly changing frequencies for stronger dizzying effect
Integrated power indicator notifies battery voltage (accurate to 0.1 V)
Features advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology
Electronic reverse polarity protection
Detachable two-way anti-rolling clip
Instant access to turbo / ultra-low output
Tail stand capability

Operational Modes

Turbo: 4400 lumens; 30 minutes run-time; 211 m beam range*
High: 1050 lumens; 3 hours, 15 minutes run-time; 105 m beam range
Mid: 320 lumens; 7 hours, 30 minutes run-time; 57 m beam range
Low: 50 lumens; 45 hours run-time; 21 m beam range
Ultra-low: 2 lumens; 700 hours run-time; 3 m beam range
Strobe / SOS / Beacon: 4400 lumens

Note: *The run-time for turbo is tested without temperature regulation

Tested to ANSI/PLATO FL 1-2019 standards in laboratory conditions using the included 21700 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The data may vary slightly in real world use depending on battery type, individual usage habits and environmental factors.

Technical Details

Type: Everyday carry LED torch
Operating Modes: Ultra-low / Low / Mid / High / Turbo / Strobe / SOS / Beacon
Lamp Type: 4 x Cree XP-L2 V6 LED
Focus: Fixed focus
Reflector: Smooth aluminium
Beam Range: Up to 211 m
Batteries Required: 1 x 21700 15 A lithium-ion (included) or 2 x CR123A lithium metal / 2 x 16340 lithium-ion (not included)
Overall Length: 117.6 mm
Head Diameter: 28.6 mm
Barrel Diameter: 25.8 mm
Weight: 80 grams
Body Colour: Black
Body Material: Aircraft grade aluminium
Body Finish: HA III military grade hard anodised
Switch Type: Single button front switch
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Environmental: Waterproof to IPX8 standard (2 m)
Warranty: 5 years (torch), 1 year (battery)
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Nitecore E4K LED torch x 1
NL2150HPR USB-C 5000 mAh 15 A 21700 lithium-ion battery x 1
USB Type C charging cable x 1
Holster x 1
Spare O-ring x 1
Pocket clip x 1
CR123A battery adaptor x 1
Manual x 1

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