Love for Lanterns

Camping season is here again and you can't go wrong with a trusty lantern to light the way!

Silverpoint have just released a new range of daylight lanterns with three levels of output to chose from, they all offer a diffused output to spread the light over an area.

The first of the bunch is the X100 daylight camping lantern that comes in striking green with a 100 lumen output using a 1 watt Nichia LED. The X400 daylight camping lantern is the most powerful of the three using a CREE T6 LED to provide a 400 lumen output and comes in grey. And finally if you want to meet in the middle there is the X250 daylight camping lantern which, you guessed it, has a 250 lumen output from its 5 watt Nichia LED and comes in cream.

All three lanterns have at least 2 days burn time from one set of D cell batteries, which is more than enough to get you through a weeks camping holiday. They also have the versatility of a removable top half, to produce a directional light beam if you should need it.

Don't leave on your camping trip without a lantern by your side this summer!

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