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Keeping fit? Recommendations for outdoor activities

Whether it is a New Year's resolution to become fitter, or whether it is an ongoing routine, the chances are you are finding yourself outdoors to fulfil your keep fit promises.

And as most people have to squeeze in the exercise around their jobs, more often than not, outdoor workouts tend to be in the dark at this time of year.

So here are a few torches that you may find handy in your fitness endeavour;


Fenix have released a new lightweight head torch, the HL15, with reflective straps that is perfect for running and offers a range of brightness outputs to suit all needs. It also come in a choice of three colours, black, blue or pink. Click here for more information. 

The following head torches are also great options for running; Coast FL60, Unilite PS-H3, Unilite Beanie Hat, LED Lenser Neo and the Silverpoint RC310.


It's a great way to keep fit, but it is also important that you stay safe. The Fenix range of cycle torches offer high outputs so you can clearly see where you are going if you are cycling in a low light levels and if you are round cycling where more external light is available, the LED Lenser SEO B3 bike light is perfect and come in a choice of three colours.

General Purpose

Sometimes you may just need a bit of light to guide you to and from the car when travelling to indoor based activities such as swimming or the gym. In this situation a small torch that easily fits in a sports bag or on your keys will do the trick. You can find a great range of options in our key ring torches category by clicking here.

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