Ledlenser X21R Rechargeable LED Torch
Ledlenser X21R Rechargeable LED TorchLedlenser X21R Rechargeable LED TorchLedlenser X21R Rechargeable LED TorchLedlenser X21R Rechargeable LED TorchLedlenser X21R Rechargeable LED Torch

Ledlenser X21R Rechargeable LED Torch

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The super popular X21R.2 just got even better with the BRAND NEW upgraded X21R. It now has an impressive 5000 lumens boost output, which is an increase of over one third of the previous output, but still only using 7 LEDs as before.

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The super popular X21R.2 just got even better with the BRAND NEW upgraded X21R. It now has an impressive 5000 lumens boost output, which is an increase of over one third of the previous output, but still only using 7 LEDs as before.

The flagship technology is still present, including the X-Lens Technology that effortless combines the 7 reflector lenses to create one perfect ray of powerful light which can reach a distance of up to 800 metres when focused into a spot. The Advanced Focus System optics allow the X21R to be focused from spot to flood simply by sliding the head backwards and forwards.

A mighty performer in every sense, the X21R is often used for long-range search and rescue operations as well as outdoor and wildlife adventures as it features every conceivable benefit the most dedicated professional or enthusiast would need. An intuitive Fast Action Switch towards the front of the high-strength aluminium barrel opens up a portfolio of numerous individual user options and controls. These include two Energy modes (Constant Current, Energy Saving), four pre-set Light Programmes (Low, Action, Signal, Defence) utilising up to eight Light Options (Low Power, Power, Boost, Dim, Position, SOS, Blink, Defence Strobe).

Five positions on the fast action selector ring allow access to different outputs. The far left icon is a lock symbol and when in this position the light cannot be turned on with the button. The next icon is a half black and half white circle and is the low programme which cycles from low to high and when turned off in this position the button can be lightly pressed for momentary operation which is useful for signalling in Morse code at a low output.

The next icon is a fully white circle and is the action programme which will turn on in high and can be changed to a pre-saved dimmable output. Morse signalling can also be done in this mode. If the button is lightly pressed for more than 3 seconds with the light off in the action programme it will enter the 5000 lumen boost mode and it will stay in this mode until the button is released.

The fourth icon has a small SOS printed on it and is the signal light programme which cycles through SOS, blink and signal blink. The fifth and final icon has a lightening bolt and is the defence light programme which comes on in strobe and can be cycled to the high output.

Other clever features include an emergency light that switches itself on automatically if the power supply is interrupted or fails while it is connected to the power via the charging cable and when the emergency mode is activated. The 360° ten-stage dual power indicator that sits around the charging contact on the tail of the torch enables you to see overall battery charge or life remaining and the blue indicators will decrease as the torch is in use, with the final light turning red when the battery is nearly empty.

The X21R uses a LiFeP04 rechargeable battery that is a Safety Ytrion Cell which charges faster and more efficiently than conventional rechargeable batteries. The battery is charged inside the torch using the floating charging system. The charging cable consists of three sections, the UK mains plug which has a figure of 8 connection that fits into the power block, and the the power block cable connects to the final charging cable which features the magnetic end that attaches to the tail of the torch. Once connected together and the power is on the torch will begin to charge and the indicator on the magnetic connector will turn red to show charging in progress and turn green once charging is complete.

A bracket is supplied that can be wall mounted and is designed to hold the X21R in place while on charge or it can also be used flat on a surface, but it is not required to charge the torch as this can be done with the torch lay down or even stood on its end if you prefer.

It is supplied with a hard carrying case containing integrated battery, magnetic charger,wall mount, shoulder strap, tripod mount and removable anti-roll protection rings that are already fitted on the torch.

Product Features

Seven LEDs to provide high output
Advanced Focus System™ optics
X-Lens Technology™. Multiple lenses perfectly calibrated to produce a single beam
Smart Light Technology™. Micro-chip controlled multi-option technology
Two energy usage modes (Constant Current, Energy Saving)
Four pre-set light programs utilising eight light options
Speed Focus™ . Instant, smooth, stage-less beam selection
Fast Action Dynamic Switch™. Instant program selector/reactive switch combination
Large beam width due to larger head size – great for illuminating large areas
Robust, protective aircraft-grade aluminium housing
User-friendly modular design
Corrosion resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity
Water and dust resistant to IP54 standard
Protective hard carry/storage case

Operational Modes

Low: 200 lumens; 40 hours run-time; 150 m beam range
Power: 3500 lumens; 5 hours run-time; 700 m beam range
Boost: 5000 lumens; 2 hours run-time; 800 m beam range*

Note: *The 5000 lumens is a boost function which cannot be permanently turned on like the other outputs and is only active while the button is being held halfway down in the action light programme.

The above outputs are for energy saving mode and brightness output will gradually decrease throughout the run-time in order to provide longer run-times.

Technical Details

Type: Professional hand-held searchlight torch
Operating Modes: Boost / Power / Low / Dimmable / SOS / Blink / Signal Blink / Strobe / Morse
Beam Range: Up to 800 m
Run Time: Up to 40 hours on low
Luminous Flux: Up to 5000 lumens
LED: 7 x Cree LED chip
Focus: Advanced focus system; spot to flood
Batteries Required: LiFeP04 Safety Ytrion battery pack (included)
Overall Length: 407 mm
Head Diameter: 95 mm
Barrel Diameter: 39 mm
Weight: 1315 grams
Body Colour: Black
Body Material: Aircraft grade aluminium
Electrical Contacts: Gold plated contacts
Switch Type: Fast action switch
Warranty: 5 years
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in a protective plastic hard carry case and includes:
LED Lenser X21R LED torch x 1
Shoulder strap x 1
Magnetic contact charger x 1
Wall mount x 1
Tripod mount x 1
Charging cable x 1
Front and back protection rings x 1
Integrated Yitron safety battery pack x 1
Manual x 1

Ledlenser Spare Shoulder Carry Strap for X21, X21R, X21.2 & X21R.2

Ledlenser Spare Shoulder Carry Strap for X21, X21R, X21.2 & X21R.2

Availability:  4 in stock

Replacement or spare Ledlenser carrying strap for the X21, X21R, X21R.2 and X21.2 torches. It includes two rubber rings that slide onto the barrel of the torch, with one sitting just below the head the other on the tail end.

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Roll Protection Ring Set for the Ledlenser X21.2 / X21R.2

Roll Protection Ring Set for the Ledlenser X21.2 / X21R.2

Designed to prevent your X21, X21.2, X21R and X21R.2 from rolling off of surfaces

Availability:  3 in stock

This Ledlenser roll protection set is designed for use with the Ledlenser X21, X21.2, X12R and X21R.2. It includes a large ring to fit the head of the torch and a small cap that fits overs the tail cap of the torch. The outer part of the rings have flat edges in intervals rather than a rounded edge.

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Ledlenser is one of the world's leading brands in the LED torch market with sites in Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Switzerland, producing a range of high quality hand held LED torches and LED head torches that are unmatched anywhere in the world. These lights use state-of-the-art engineering and a variety of patent pending reflector systems to create the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights available. One of the most notable features present in most Ledlenser lights is the advanced focus system allowing you to easily change the beam from spot to flood.

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