Olight RN 180 TL Rechargeable Red LED Tail Light
Olight RN 180 TL Rechargeable Red LED Tail LightOlight RN 180 TL Rechargeable Red LED Tail LightOlight RN 180 TL Rechargeable Red LED Tail LightOlight RN 180 TL Rechargeable Red LED Tail LightOlight RN 180 TL Rechargeable Red LED Tail Light

Olight RN 180 TL Rechargeable Red LED Tail Light

Brand:  Olight
Product Code:  OL0036


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The Olight x Magicshine RN 180 TL is a rear red bike light that offers a maximum output of 180 lumens in the auto brake mode or a constant maximum output of 125 lumens, which provides a visibility angle of 260° emitted from the back and is visible by other road users from up to 2,000 metres away.

It is a multi-functional lamp that can be used as a red tail light when cycling with the choice of two mounting options. The included saddle mount hooks over the bars underneath your saddle and can be secured in place with the two tie wraps, or the seat post mount attaches with a silicone strap that is adjustable to fit different diameter posts, which also makes it useful for other applications, such as a pole while camping. The RN 180 TL has a quick release function that allows it to be twisted on and off either mount securely and easily so that the mount can be left in place and the light can be taken with you.

A high performance COB LED paired with the transparent optical lens produces a soft uniform beam for comfortable use and enhanced visibility. The RN 180 TL offers 3 modes of constant, flashing and smart mode which in total have 10 settings of low, mid, high, auto-break, breathe, comet, flash, interactive, day and night. The light is turned on and off by holding the button on the top for 0.5 seconds. Once turned on the settings are cycled through with each press of the button.

In constant mode each press cycles through red outputs of low, mid, high and there is also an automatic activation of a 3 second 180 lumen output when breaking to provide extra visibility to other road users when you slow down providing the battery level is above 20%. To change to flash mode quickly double press the button, and then each press will cycle the 0-125-0 lumen gradual 'breathe' output, the 125-0 lumens 'comet' output, the 0-125 lumen quick flash and the 125 lumen interactive flash.

The final smart mode is accessed by another quick double press, which is a mixture of constant and flashing mode that will use the built-in sensor to automatically change the light output depending on the ambient environment. The memory function will remember the last used mode and brightness level. The autobrake 180 lumens output will also activate in both flash and smart modes.

The RN180 TL has a built-in 800 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery and comes supplied with a micro USB to USB-A cable for charging. Remove the dust cover from the charging port on the end of the light and plug in the micro USB end of the cable, then plug the other end into a power source such as a computer or the mains using a USB adaptor (not included). The charging indicator under the button will go red to show charging in progress and turn green once charging is complete.

The charging indicator will also display the battery level status with a single press of the button while the light is off.

It is the perfect companion for to keep you safe when road cycling, mountain biking and commuting.

Operational Modes

Low: 27 lumens; 2 hours, 30 minutes run-time
Mid: 63 lumens; 2 hours run-time
High: 125 lumens; 1 hour, 30 minutes run-time
Auto Brake: 180 lumens; 3 seconds at a time when braking
Breathe: 0-125-0 lumens; 2 hours, 30 minutes run-time
Comet: 125-0 lumens; 3 hours, 30 minutes run-time
Flash (quick): 125 lumens; 10 hours run-time
Interactive (alternating): 125 lumens; 6 hours run-time
Smart Mode During Day: 3-125 lumens; 18 hours run-time
Smart Mode During Night: 9-125 lumens; 3 hours run-time

Technical Details

Type: Red rear cycle light
Operating Modes: Low / Mid / High / Auto Break / Breathe / Comet / Flash / Interactive / Day / Night
Luminous Flux: Up to 125 lumens
Batteries Required: Built-in 800 mAh lithium polymer battery
Weight: 37 grams
Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 19 mm
Switch Type: Push button
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Environmental: Waterproof to IPX6 standard
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Olight RN 180 TL Red LED tail light x 1
Saddle mount with tie wraps x 1
Silicon strap post mount x 1
Micro USB to USB charging cable x 1
User manual x 1

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