Olight RWX Magnetic Remote Pressure Switch

Olight RWX Magnetic Remote Pressure Switch

Brand:  Olight
Product Code:  OL2175


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This remote pressure switch is designed for the Olight Warrior X, Warrior X Pro and Javelot Pro, and is the world's first magnetic remote control pressure switch.

Unlike other pressure switches, the RWX magnetically attaches to the end of the torch, which is much more efficient than having to remove the tail cap from the torch and then connect the pressure switch. This time saving method means you can easily pop the torch on and off the pressure switch and leave your set up in place.

Once connected the light will turn on when pressure is applied to the noiseless pressure pad and once released the light will go off to allow for stealthy tactical application. Constant on can also be achieved by quickly pressing the pad once and the light will come on in turbo. The brightness output cannot be changed when used with the Warrior X or Warrior X Pro, however the brightness output can be changed with the Javelot Pro using the side button once the torch has been turned on, but any operation with the pressure switch will always provide turbo output.

The robust coiled cable measures 25 cm and when fully stretched out it can reach up to 80 cm which allows various placement of the torch on longer firearms.

Two sets of adhesive velcro pads are included so that you can securely fasten down the pressure pad for easy operation.

Model Compatibility

Fits the following Olight models: Warrior X, Warrior X Pro and Javelot Pro

Product Features

Magnetically connects to the torch
Noiseless and sensitive pressure pad
Coiled cable Stretches from 25 cm to 80 cm
Long life electronic switch
Weighs only 45 grams

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Olight RWX magnetic remote pressure switch x 1
Adhesive velcro pads x 4

Olight Javelot Pro Rechargeable LED Torch

Olight Javelot Pro Rechargeable LED Torch

2100 Lumen Output - Drops down to 1000 lumens after 10 minutes to protect the LED.

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The Olight Javelot Pro is a high output rechargeable LED torch that is the successor to the M3XS-UT Javelot and while it still offers an amazing reach, it now boasts a higher output of 2100 lumens on the turbo setting. To prevent overheating the Javelot Pro will maintain the turbo brightness for 10 minutes before dropping down to 1000 lumens to protect the LED.

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Olight Warrior X Pro Rechargeable LED Torch

Olight Warrior X Pro Rechargeable LED Torch

2250 Lumens Output - Drops to 1000 lumens after 2 minutes to protect the LED.

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The Olight Warrior X Pro is the upgraded version of the Warrior X, that still retains the revolutionary design such as the vibration battery indicator, aggressive appearance, silicon tactical ring and the option to use a magnetic remote switch, but also brings some new features to the table.

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