Ledlenser Filter Set
 Ledlenser Filter SetLedlenser Filter Set 

Ledlenser Filter Set

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Brand:  Ledlenser
Product Code:  0313-F

This Ledlenser filter set includes red, green, yellow and blue interchangeable coloured glass filters lenses.


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This Ledlenser filter set includes red, green, yellow and blue interchangeable coloured glass filters lenses.

Suitable for use with the P7, P7.2, P7R, T7, T7.2, B7, M7, M8, MT7, M7R, L7, L7E, H14 and H14R Ledlenser models.

Also suitable for other torch models with a head diameter of 37 mm.

Fitting the Lenses

The rubber holder that houses the glass lenses used to be quite hard, however this has been updated and the housing is now slightly less rigid making it easier to put the lenses in as the rubber has more bend to it. We recommend inserting one side of the filter first under the ridge section, and then gently pushing the filter into the other side, bending the housing to fit around it if need be. Please note the lenses can potentially break if too much force is applied as they are made from glass, so care should be taken when fitting them.

Product Features

Includes 4 coloured glass filter lens: Red, green, yellow and blue
Suitable for any torch with a head diameter of 37 mm
All filters feature anti-reflective coating to ensure maximum available light passes through

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail box and includes:
Rubber lens holder x 1
Red filter lens x 1
Green filter lens x 1
Yellow filter lens x 1
Blue filter lens x 1

(Avg rating from 27 reviews):  

Filter set
Tuesday, 20 March 2018  | 

One of my worst purchases. The lenses are too thick for the groove in the cover which is too stiff to bend and after trying on numerous occasions to force the lense in the groove, it broke in three pieces, lucky not to cut my finger. Impossible to work.

Led Lenser filters
Sunday, 11 March 2018  | 

Good product does all it says it does.

Bright colour
Saturday, 11 March 2017  | 

Delicate glass filters, heat the holder before inserting the filter. Colours are perfect, very nice!

Filter set
Tuesday, 17 November 2015  | 

Very nice set of glass filters. Unlike plastic ones these allow very good light transmission so the power of your beam is hardly reduced. A bit tricky fitting into the plastic holder as it is quite tight and care should be taken. Plastic holder fits nice and snugly onto the torch.

LED Lenser Filter Set
Monday, 9 March 2015  | 

Service as always impeccable, can not be faulted. Item on the other hand not so great. The thin pieces of glass are not properly finished and so end up crumbling as soon as you put the end cap on.
they are sized to fit with the bezel of the torch or in the end cap so you have to be very careful with them. They were a quick fix for a hunting trip, but not really for long term use.

They're okey.
Monday, 5 January 2015  | 

Tight, snug fit on the H14R.2 head torch. The glass is not durable at all and it comes with no container besides from the over dimensioned cardboard box and a small zip-lock bag. So their's nothing to have the glasses in to protect them (wrapped in thin paper). No scratch resistens. The edge of the glass is not coloured and a thin ring just next to the edge is half coloured (especially on the red glass). So you get rings in the outer field. On the red you get a yellow outer ring and a "okey" red in the rest. It's not a deep red at all. And it's very easy to scratch away a little bit of the colour. So it's not actually red glass right threw - which is no good at all for outdoor use. A bit tricky to get the glass in the holder but once it's in it's securely in place (but not from scratches and such). Fat from fingers is hard to get of from the glass - even with special tissues for eyeglasses. And I don't recommend to use any solvents to clean them due to the thin laminated paint job.

Poor quality item
Saturday, 22 November 2014  | 

I'm surprised that Lenser would have such a poor quality item in their range; their torches are superb. I took a bit of a chance on this item after reading previous reviews and so was not surprised to find that I'd wasted my money. I am a very practical chap with a well equipped workshop, but so far I've battled unsuccessfully to fit a filter into its holder. When I eventually succeed in this aim I certainly won't be removing it to try another. If the set were to be supplied with four holders with filters fitted it would be fine. As it is it's hopeless.


Sorry you are not happy with this item. The following product by Coast is also compatible with the same LED Lenser products as the LED Lenser Filter Set: Click here to view the Coast Filter Set

Torch filters
Monday, 17 November 2014  | 

Very good product, fast delivery, good price, will use this company again thank you very much for prompt service.

Lens covers
Tuesday, 16 September 2014  | 

Excellent item works well, arrived very promptly and well packaged. Brilliant communications from Torch-Direct recommended

Not quite right
Wednesday, 25 June 2014  | 

The retaining cap is easily knocked off in the field and lost. Been there done that. Filters are EXTREMELY fragile. Lost two caps, broken two red filters both on initial outing. Made my own with rubber bino lens caps and red perspex - cheaper and far superior. The makers really need to think again on this one.

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