Ledlenser XEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head Torch
Ledlenser XEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head TorchLedlenser XEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head TorchLedlenser XEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head TorchLedlenser XEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head Torch

Ledlenser XEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head Torch

2000 Lumens Output In Boost Mode
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Brand:  Ledlenser
Product Code:  7219-RW

Ledlenser's brightest ever head torch, the XEO 19R delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens from two Cree LEDs. Six lighting modes are available, with a choice of boost, power, low, emergency, opti-sense and strobe. All modes can be operated using the LEDs individually or combined.

The XEO19R is now discontinued, only the white version is now available.

Body Colour:  

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Ledlenser's brightest ever head torch, the XEO 19R delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens from two Cree LEDs.

Six lighting modes are available, with a choice of boost, power, low, emergency, opti-sense and strobe. All modes can be operated using the LEDs individually or combined.

Opti-Sense™ technology cleverly measures real time ambient light around the user and automatically dims or brightens the XEO’s light output as appropriate. This automatic dimming will ensure power is preserved for a longer battery life.

By pressing and holding the left, right or centre button for more than two seconds, you access the manual dimming function which offers beam brightness control from 100% power down to 15% power.

As well as many lighting options the XEO 19R is super versatile as it can be used as a head torch with the battery pack on the headband, or using the extension cable and belt clip the battery pack can be waist mounted.

It can also be; used as a bike light with the included handlebar and frame mounts, a handheld torch by attaching the lamp head to the battery pack, attached to a helmet with the included mount and adhesive pads or straps, on a go pro with the included mount or fixed on to a tripod with the included connector.

The XEO 19R is powered using a built-in 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery pack, which is rechargeable via using the included mains cable and can offer up to 8 hours run-time in power mode.

Each LED is housed in its own lens, which means they can be operated individually and can also be focused separately using the advanced focus system lever located either side of the lamp.

Holding down the back arrow button for 5 seconds turns on the lock out function to prevent the lamp from switching on accidentally. The head section can also be swivelled downwards if required to aim the light just where you need it.

Product Features

Thermal speed cooling system
Hinged bracket for directional light
Charging status display and low battery warning indicator
Opti-sense Technology
Exchangeable and washable headband
Lock out function

Operational Modes

Boost: 2000 lumens; 4 hours run-time; 300 m beam range
Power: 1000 lumens; 8 hours run-time; 200 m beam range
Low: 200 lumens; 20 hours run-time; 50 m beam range
Emergency: 10 lumens; 400 hours run-time

Please note:* Boost function is down to one lumen and will only remain on for a short period before dropping down to prevent over heating, therefore this is an estimated overall run-time.

Technical Details

Type: LED head torch / bike light
Operating Modes: Boost / Power / Low / Emergency / Strobe
Luminous Flux: Up to 2000 lumens
Lamp: 2 x white Cree LEDs
Focus: Spot to flood
Beam Range: Up to 300 m
Batteries Required: Lithium-ion battery pack (included)
Run Time: Up to 400 hours at lowest setting
Weight: 475 grams
Colours Available: Black or white
Strap: Adjustable elastic
Switch Type: Push button
Environmental: Waterproof to IPX6 standard
Warranty: Head lamp unit: 5 years / Battery pack: 2 years
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in a soft carry case and includes:
Ledlenser XEO 19R LED head torch x 1
Washable headband x 1
Lithium-ion battery pack x 1
Handlebar mounting bracket x 1
Battery pack bike mounting bracket x 1
Helmet connector kit (mount, adhesive pads and velcro straps) x 1
Go Pro connector x 1
Tripod Connector x 1
Extension cable x 1
Belt clip for battery pack x 1
Pouch for battery pack x 1
Cleaning brush and cloth x 1
Mains charger x 1
User manual x 1

Ledlenser 12/24 V Car Charger Adaptor

Ledlenser 12/24 V Car Charger Adaptor

Compatible with the Ledlenser XEO19R, X21R, X21R.2, P17R, MT18, iXEO19R, iLH8R, iL7R, i9R iron CRI, i9R iron, i9R, i18R, i17R, EXH8R and EX7R

Availability:  2 in stock

This Ledlenser car charger adaptor is suitable for use with the Ledlenser XEO19R, X21R, X21R.2, P17R, MT18, iXEO19R, iLH8R, iL7R, i9R iron CRI, i9R iron, i9R, i18R, i17R, EXH8R and EX7R

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(Avg rating from 7 reviews):  

Tuesday, 11 December 2018  | 

This is a great torch with loads of attachments for fitting onto bikes and hats etc. I've had Lenser lights for a few years now. I like biking on quite roads or cross country and I love running in Forest and moorland. On a dark night I need to be able to rely on my kit 100%. I would be in real trouble on a moonless night if my light packed in 5 or 6 miles away from anywhere. Lenser have never let me down. I've always had 14.2's but I wanted something brighter so I could feel safe taking my kids out with me an use it on my tri bike across really dark and bendy roads. This unit is fantastic for both. Both lights are independently focused so I can have one bean on wide focus to light up everywhere around me and the other set off into the distance to make sure the path ahead is clear. the beams are bright With both on together it seems about as bright as my car headlight on full beam. The battery seems to last a long time on one charge as well. You can even charge your phone off it should you need to. There is plenty of brightness control as well as an independent flash (one beam on constantly and one flashing) - ideal for riding on unlit roads at night. The torch also has an automatic brightness control so you don't blind yourself if you look down (or are climbing/scrambling and are close to something directly in front of you. The point to note is that the unit is expensive but you really get what you pay for and if you need it you need to pay the price . If you want something where you dont need tons of light or are not fussed too much if it packs in half way through then this really is overkill. If you need a light which you can rely on and you go places where losing light could be a disaster or at least extremely inconvenient then this is for you. For bikes, if you need something that will allow you to be seen around town then there are cheaper alternatives, if you need something for use in the pitch black that has plenty of range and you can trust to not just stop working when you are in the middle of nowhere then again this is for you.
I can't rate Lenser enough - just one word of warning from my experience - if you are going to spend this type of money it is best to pay the going rate from a reputable dealer like Torch Direct than saving a couple of quid and buying something off e-bay. I have bought 14.2's off e-bay, one was great and I still have it, the other was some cheap crap in a lenser box that looked good but had a smaller LED and that lasted 3 months before it packed in - never again

Versatile Head Torch
Saturday, 6 October 2018  | 

Bought this to replace a previous head torch. I was impressed with all the extras that came with it to attach to a bike, helmet, chest and even use it as a hand torch. I like the fact I can control each light separately even spotlight one and floodlight the other. Lots of power settings, I use the intelligent setting that automatically changes the power depending on how close you are to the subject you are looking at. The only issue I had was the instructions on charging the battery weren’t clear but one email to support and that was sorted. Overall the most versatile torch I have owned, not cheap but I feel worth it.

LED Lenser XEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head Torch
Friday, 7 July 2017  | 

Working in heavy forestry at night as I do, this is a superb headtorch, despite its bulk ( owing to the battery pack ), I was a bit dubious of the purchase due to cost, and the unit looking a bit `gadgety`, however, having now used it for a week, I am very happy. It has made getting the job at hand done a lot easier. Not that straightforward to learn the button controls from the instructions, but with hands on use it is more intuitive.
The service from Stewart at Torch Direct was second to none, as there was an issue charging the first battery pack after delivery, but the whole unit was replaced without quibble upon return. The second order functioned perfectly, so thank you Stewart for the quick turnaround.
I ordered a spare battery pack with the torch for extended night use / emergencies, and will review separately.
In summary, solid piece of kit, which you know you are wearing, quite pricey, but certainly provides outstanding illumination, and living in NE Scotland, it is standing up to the weather with its water resistance rating.

Versatile unit
Wednesday, 28 December 2016  | 

This review comes pretty early doors, I've only had the torch 4 days, although I have used it on two back to back night shifts without intermediate charge. The unit was in a mixture of full power for picking out details, low power for walking and adaptive for some inspections. The torch performed extremely well through out and I am very please with the purchase. Looking forward to getting it on the bike!
And now a quick note for Torchdirect.co.uk, excellent service from start to finish. The details on the page are extensive and accurate and the customer service is very thoughtful. Thank you very much.

Fantastic head torch
Wednesday, 5 October 2016  | 

I purchased the little sister LED Lenser to this one a couple of years ago and received fantastic service from Torch Direct. I had a fault with the first one and it was rectified immediately. So it was logical when I needed another head torch that I should come back. Same excellent service. The head torch is fantastic, the most powerful I have ever seen. Loads of features and a real feel of quality about it. It isn't the cheapest on the market but I would rate it as one of the best and sold by a company with excellent customer service, why look anywhere else?

Early arrival
Tuesday, 7 June 2016  | 

Excellent service again 3 days early on a free delivery, couldn't ask for more. As for the lamp exceeding expectations already, having used it as a work light you cannot go wrong. Will be trying it out on a night ride soon and will report back.

Brilliant Light!
Saturday, 3 October 2015  | 

I have the LED Lenser SEO 7R and H14 and was very impressed with them, I run my Siberian Huskies on Forest Trails at night so need dependable lights for night running. Previously had cheap Cree Lights but the batteries always quit after a year max so when I found this light from LED Lenser I was very pleased, battery life is brill and I love the indicator so I know how much time is left on it and it was very easy to install on the handlebars of my Cart, highly recommend this one!

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