Ledlenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head Torch
 Ledlenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head TorchLedlenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head Torch 

Ledlenser iXEO 19R Rechargeable LED Head Torch

2000 Lumens Output In Boost Mode
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Brand:  Ledlenser
Product Code:  5619-R

The fantastic Ledlenser iXEO 19R is an industrial strength rechargeable torch with multiple use options and delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens from two Cree LEDs.

The signature yellow detailing of the industrial series is present on the head lamp of the iXEO 19R, providing high visibility, which is useful in a work place environment.

Six lighting modes are available, with a choice of boost, power, low, emergency, opti-sense and strobe. All modes can be operated using the LEDs individually or combined. Opti-Sense™ technology cleverly measures real time ambient light around the user and automatically dims or brightens the iXEO 19R’s light output as appropriate. This automatic dimming will ensure power is preserved for a longer battery life.

The left arrow button operates the left LED, the right arrow button operates the right LED and the middle operates both LEDs together. Press any of the buttons once for low, twice for high power, three times for optisense, four times for strobe and five presses turns it off. Holding the front arrow button for two seconds will activate the boost setting.

By pressing and holding the left, right or centre button for more than two seconds, you access the manual dimming function which offers beam brightness control from 100% power down to 15% power. Pressing the back arrow button once with access low level emergency lighting and two presses will access low level emergency strobe.

The iXEO19R incorporates the patented Advanced Focus System®, which combines a lens and reflector system to ensure powerful unbroken light from long-distance flood to near-view spot beam. Each LED is housed in its own lens, which means they can be operated individually and can also be focused separately using the advanced focus system lever located either side of the lamp.

As well as many lighting options the iXEO 19R is super versatile as it can be used as a head torch with the battery pack on the headband, or using the extension cable the battery pack can be waist mounted with the belt clip or mounted on a back pack with the velcro straps. It can also be used as a handheld torch by attaching the lamp head to the battery pack or the head lamp unit can be attached to a helmet with the included mount and straps.

The XEO 19R is powered using a built-in 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery pack, which is rechargeable via using the included mains cable and can offer up to 8 hours run-time in power mode.

Holding down the back arrow button for 5 seconds turns on the lock out function to prevent the lamp from switching on accidentally. The head section can also be swivelled downwards if required to aim the light just where you need it.

Product Features

Thermal speed cooling system
Hinged bracket for directional light
Charging status display and low battery warning indicator
Opti-sense Technology
Exchangeable and washable headband
Lock out function

Operational Modes

Boost: 2000 lumens; 4 hours run-time; 300 m beam range*
Power: 1000 lumens; 8 hours run-time; 200 m beam range
Low: 200 lumens; 20 hours run-time; 50 m beam range
Emergency: 10 lumens; 400 hours run-time

Please note: * Boost function is down to one lumen and will only remain on for a short period before dropping down to prevent over heating, therefore this is an estimated overall run-time.

Technical Details

Type: LED head torch / multi-use light
Operating Modes: Boost / Power / Low / Optisense / Emergency / Strobe / Manual Dim
Luminous Flux: Up to 2000 lumens
Lamp: 2 x white Cree LEDs
Focus: Spot to flood
Beam Range: Up to 300 m
Batteries Required: Lithium-ion battery pack (included)
Run Time: Up to 400 hours at lowest setting
Weight: 475 grams
Body Colour: Black with yellow detailing
Strap: Adjustable elastic
Switch Type: Push button
Environmental: Waterproof to IPX6 standard
Warranty: Head lamp unit: 5 years / Battery pack: 2 years
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in a soft carry case and includes:
Ledlenser iXEO 19R LED head torch x 1
Washable headband x 1
Lithium-ion battery pack x 1
Velcro strap x 2
Helmet connector kit x 1
Extension cable x 1
Belt clip for battery pack x 1
Pouch for battery pack x 1
Cleaning brush and cloth x 1
Mains charger x 1
User manual x 1

Ledlenser 12/24 V Car Charger Adaptor

Ledlenser 12/24 V Car Charger Adaptor

Compatible with the Ledlenser XEO19R, X21R, X21R.2, P17R, MT18, iXEO19R, iLH8R, iL7R, i9R iron CRI, i9R iron, i9R, i18R, i17R, EXH8R and EX7R

Availability:  3 in stock

This Ledlenser car charger adaptor is suitable for use with the Ledlenser XEO19R, X21R, X21R.2, P17R, MT18, iXEO19R, iLH8R, iL7R, i9R iron CRI, i9R iron, i9R, i18R, i17R, EXH8R and EX7R

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(Avg rating from 2 reviews):  

Brilliant torch - for a short while then the connectors fail
Wednesday, 28 November 2018  | 

We've got two of these - spent a fortune. The connectors have failed on both - basically after you've disconnected it a couple of times, the plugs wont make contact and you have a horribly unreliable torch that cant be used for mine exploring because it suddenly switches off. I've gone through the connectors on the short lead with battery at back of head, and used the extension lead. All the plugs and sockets fail after a few uses. My recommendation is to avoid like the plague. We've spent about 500 on these damn things and they are unusable. Pity, because when they work, they are really good - great light - just what's needed for a long shift underground. LED lenser need to be told their leads and plugs are CRAP in capital letters.


Thanks for your review. Could you please get in touch and we can resolve any issues for you. We have not had this issue reported before.

Phenomenally comprehensive torch
Tuesday, 1 August 2017  | 

This is a truly top of the range torch that is powerful and packed with features. Handy to be able to detach the battery pack and clip it to your belt, or pop it into a pocket to reduce the weight on your head. Also brilliant to be able to charge your phone off the battery too.

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Ledlenser is one of the world's leading brands in the LED torch market with sites in Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Switzerland, producing a range of high quality hand held LED torches and LED head torches that are unmatched anywhere in the world. These lights use state-of-the-art engineering and a variety of patent pending reflector systems to create the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights available. One of the most notable features present in most Ledlenser lights is the advanced focus system allowing you to easily change the beam from spot to flood.

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