Unilite L-1000 Dual LED Rechargeable LED Lantern
Unilite L-1000 Dual LED Rechargeable LED LanternUnilite L-1000 Dual LED Rechargeable LED LanternUnilite L-1000 Dual LED Rechargeable LED LanternUnilite L-1000 Dual LED Rechargeable LED LanternUnilite L-1000 Dual LED Rechargeable LED Lantern

Unilite L-1000 Dual LED Rechargeable LED Lantern

Brand:  Unilite
Product Code:  L-1000


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The Unilite L-1000 is a USB rechargeable dual LED handheld lantern that has a maximum output of 1000 lumens from the white spot LED and also has an additional flood light torch function in the bottom with a maximum output of 750 lumens white light from a COB LED.

Two buttons just above the handle grip are easy to reach while holding and separately control the spot and flood lights. The top button operates the spot and each press will cycle high, mid, low, off, while the bottom button operates the flood and each press will cycle high, low, off. If in any setting longer than 3 seconds the next press will turn the light off rather than cycling through to the next output.

Utilising a built in 8000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the L-1000 has a run time of up to 7 hours, 30 minutes on the highest setting. The battery is easily recharged via the USB Type C port on the back of the light by lifting the dust cover and inserting the charging cable into the USB-C port at one end, and then inserting the USB-A end into a USB port or suitable USB adaptor. While charging the four charging indicators on the handle will display charging progress with one light flashing to start with before becoming solid and the next light flashing until eventually all four LEDs are solid after approximately 4 hours, 30 minutes full charge time.

In addition to the light function, the L-1000 also has a power bank feature and can charge external devices via the standard USB-A port located next to the USB-C port on the back. To charge an external device simply plug the USB-A end of the required cable for your device into the USB-A port on the light and the device should begin charging automatically.

The four LED indicators also light up when the torch is turned on to show remaining battery power at the current output. Four LEDs is 75-100% power, three LEDs is 50-75% power, two LEDs is 25-50% power, one LED is 5-25% and one flashing LED is less than 5% power and the torch should be charged as soon as possible when at this stage.

It is made from super tough construction with a florescent yellow polycarbonate body for increased robustness, durability and visibility, and also features a a glow in the dark strip around the reflector for extra visibility. A threaded hole in the bottom allows for tripod attachment and a shoulder strap is included for easy carrying.

Always read the manual fully before first use.

Product Features

Spot and flood outputs
Heavy Duty Housing
Fluorescent body for greater visibility
USB rechargeable and USB power bank function

Operational Modes

Spot High: 1000 lumens; 7 hours, 30 minutes run-time; 532 m beam range
Spot Mid: 500 lumens; 11 hours run-time; 386 m beam range
Spot Low: 190 lumens; 28 hours run-time; 248 m beam range
Flood High: 750 lumens; 6 hours, 30 minutes run-time; 28 m beam range
Flood Low: 275 lumens; 16 hours run-time; 19 m beam range

Technical Details

Type: Rechargeable work light
Operating Modes: Spot: High, Mid, Low / Flood: High, Low
Luminous Flux: Up to 1000 lumens
Colour Temperature: 6500 K
LED: White flood COB LED / 1 x spot LED
Focus: Flood or spot
Beam Range: Up to 532 m
Battery Required: Built-in 3.7 V 8000 mAh lithium-ion battery pack
Charging Time: 4 hours, 30 minutes
Measurements: 108 x 200 x 131 mm (folded)
Weight: 730 g
Switch Type: Dual push button
Environmental: Water resistant to IPX6 standard
Warranty: 1 year
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Unilite L-1000 rechargeable lantern x 1
USB-C to USB-A charging cable x 1
Shoulder strap x 1
Manual x 1

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Unilite is a family owned business which was established in 1981 as a portable lighting supplier and has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading torch & flashlight manufacturers. Still family owned, Unilite now exports to over 30 countries worldwide and is fast becoming the favoured brand for customers all over the globe. Their motto, LIGHTS-BUILT-TOUGH, is embedded in their DNA and is still what drives them today to ensure they meet the highest standards that customers demand.

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