Fenix TK72R Rechargeable LED Torch
Fenix TK72R Rechargeable LED TorchFenix TK72R Rechargeable LED TorchFenix TK72R Rechargeable LED Torch
Fenix TK72R Rechargeable LED TorchFenix TK72R Rechargeable LED TorchFenix TK72R Rechargeable LED Torch

Fenix TK72R Rechargeable LED Torch

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Brand:  Fenix
Product Code:  TK72R


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Fenix ARB-L45-14000 Lithium-ion battery pack included
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The Fenix TK72R is a powerful searchlight offering a blistering 9000 lumens output on the highest setting.

Utilising three individually housed Cree XHP70 LEDs combined with orange peel reflectors the TK72R can shine up to 286 metres distance, providing short range flood lighting for excellent coverage.

This compact searchlight is powered by a 7.2 V 7000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which can be recharged inside the torch. Remove the dust cover from the micro USB port, located on the neck of the torch to the right of the buttons, and plug the micro USB cable into the torch one end and the other end into the supplied 3 A USB mains adaptor and connect to the mains power. The OLED screen will display a charging symbol along with current battery level to indicate charging is in progress. A full charge takes approximately 6 hours.

Under the duct cover there is also a standard USB port next to the micro USB port. This power bank function can be used to charge external devices and will display a charging symbol on the OLED screen when discharge is in progress. The maximum discharge current is 2 A.

The Fenix TK72R doesn't offer the traditional preset brightness levels and instead has a maximum output of 9000 lumens and a minimum output of 100 lumens that can be stepped up and down by increments of either 100 lumens or 1000 lumens so that you can find you perfect brightness level for the required task.

Three buttons sit below the OLED screen and control all functions. All three buttons will turn the light on at different levels by holding either one down for 0.5 seconds. The main button will turn the light on in the last used brightness setting, the + button will turn the light on a 5000 lumens and the - button will turn the light on at 200 lumens, allowing you to instantly access a high or low brightness depending on the task. Hold the main button for 0.5 seconds to turn the light off.

With the light on the + button will increase the brightness by 100 lumen increments with each press, or holding it down will increase the brightness by 1000 lumen increments. The - button functions the same but will decrease the brightness. To instantly access turbo with the light on, single press the main button and to access strobe press and hold the main button for 1.2 seconds with the light on.

When the light is on the OLED screen will display the current lumen output, battery time remaining at that output and the battery power percentage. The battery power can be checked with the torch off by single pressing the main button to display the percentage status.

The TK72R will generate a lot of heat when working at high output levels, therefore if the temperature reaches 65°C or above the output will automatically downshift in increments of 1000 lumens until 2500 lumens is reached in order to reduce the temperature. The high output levels can be increased once the torch has cooled to below 65°C.

The nylon holster features a belt loop for easy carrying and velcro strap to keep the torch in place while on the move, which can easily be undone to slide the torch out of the holster.

Additional Product Features

Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
Intelligent memory circuit remembers last used brightness
Battery level indicator and low voltage warning
Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
Inner waterproofing treatment of USB and micro USB ports
Power bank function
Lock out function
Instant strobe and instant turbo

Operational Modes

Highest Output: 9000 lumens; 50 minutes run-time; 286 m beam range*
Lowest Output: 200 lumens; 50 hours run-time; 31 m beam range
Strobe: 4000 lumens

Note: *The over-heat protection will drop the turbo brightness level to 2500 lumens if the internal temperature reaches 65°C or above, therefore the run-time is an estimated time.

Tested to ANSI / PLATO FL1 standard using a Fenix ARB-L45-14000 lithium-ion battery in lab conditions. Real time results may vary between torch, battery and environment.

Technical Details

Type: Hand held searchlight torch
Operating Modes: Turbo / Low / Strobe
Luminous Flux: Up to 9000 lumens
Lamp Type: 3 x Cree XHP70 LEDs
Beam Range: Up to 286 m
Batteries Required: 1 x Fenix ARB-L45-14000 (included)
Charging Time: 6 hours approx.
Run Time: Up to 50 hours (low setting)
Overall Length: 156 mm
Head Diameter: 59 mm
Barrel Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 412 grams (excluding battery)
Body Colour: Black
Body Material: Durable high strength and oxidation resistant aluminium
Body Finish: Premium type HAIII hard anodised anti-abrasive finish
Switch Type: Triple side button switch
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Environmental: Waterproof and dust resistant to IP68 Standard (2 m)
Warranty: 5 years
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Fenix TK72R LED torch x 1
Fenix ARB-L45-14000 Lithium-ion battery pack x 1
Micro USB cable x 1
UK mains USB adaptor x 1
Holster x 1
Lanyard x 1
Spare O-ring x 2
Manual x 1

(Avg rating from 4 reviews):  

Excellent Floodlight!
Thursday, 8 July 2021  | 

It's rare to come across a dedicated floodlight that has so much natural wide-throw, but the TK72R is easily the best around when it comes to this. The OLED screen offers a concise and accurate readout of both the Lumen output and remaining battery, and being able to see the varying degrees of time-remaining at different brightness levels is a fantastic feature. A little preliminary delve into the diodes themselves has revealed that models manufactured recently are shipping with XHP70.2 diodes rather than the predecessor XHP70's which is fantastic for efficiency, although none of this is listed in the specifications for the light anywhere. If you're looking for a torch for caving, sweeping fields and exploring, this is the torch for you!

Excellent Torch
Wednesday, 7 October 2020  | 

I was looking for an extremely bright torch for outdoor use and this has fitted the bill perfectly. Big and chunky ( could be an issue if you have small hands) but good grip design and lanyard. Extremely bright on full power, easy to adjust the power level. Highly recommended.

Best torch ever
Sunday, 10 May 2020  | 

Top of the top.

Fenix TK72R
Monday, 5 November 2018  | 

Extremely powerful, quality built torch. Very easy to use with instant access to its full 9000 lumens. In my opinion, the strobe would be a considerable deterrent to any would be assailant and again, with almost instant accessibility. This is most definitely a dedicated flood torch which turns everything around it from night into day. Although it feels a solid beast to hold, it's not as heavy or bulky as I had expected. Clipped onto my waist belt, I find it quite comfortable to carry around. If there are any cons, I can only say that on full power, it does get quite warm after a while - but then again (from what I have read) so do most torches with this kind of power. The only other minor gripe is that I would have preferred the carry case to cover the lenses in order to protect them from accidental knocks. That said, overall this is an excellent and amazingly bright torch that I would highly recommend, supplied by an equally excellent and helpful company. My thanks to all at Torch Direct.

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