Elwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head Torch
Elwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head TorchElwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head TorchElwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head Torch
Elwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head TorchElwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head TorchElwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head Torch

Elwis Pro H4-R Rechargeable Focusing LED Head Torch

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Brand:  Elwis
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The Elwis Pro H4-R is a focusable and rechargeable LED head torch that offers a maximum output of 410 lumens from a 5 W Cree XPG2-S2 LED.

This light has the ability to be focused from a spot to flood beam, giving the user the flexibility to select the best focus for the task at hand. The wide beam profile provides a 1.2 metre diameter circle of light at 1 metres distance for excellent peripheral visibility, while the spot provides a tight 20 cm diameter of light from 1 metres distance.

A simple push button on the top of the head torch controls all LED functions. Press the button once to turn the light on in high and then again to change to low and a third time to turn it off. The light can also be turned off in either mode by holding the button down for two seconds, and the last used mode will be remember if the light is turned off in this way. This is useful if you are using low mode and want the light to turn back on in the low setting rather than the high.

There is also two side red LEDs that can be accessed by holding the button down for 2 seconds. Red light preserves your night vision and is good for multiple tasks such as watching wildlife as the red light does not affect them like white light, on a campsite to not disturb your fellow campers, night reading and astronomy.

The lithium polymer 1000 mAh 3.7 V battery pack sits inside the main head lamp unit, by popping open the cover on the back, thus reducing the weight on the back of the head. The battery is easily charged back up by inserting the supplied USB charging cable into the micro USB port on the battery itself and then inserting the other end straight into a computer USB port, or a USB mains/car adaptor. This can be done with the battery still inside the torch by opening the battery compartment door, or it can be removed from the head torch. A red LED will illuminate to indicate that the unit is being charged and will go green when charging is complete.

As well as the lithium polymer battery pack, the H4-R can also be powered by three AAA alkaline batteries, which is useful if you are out camping and don't have a power source to recharge the battery.

The head torch can run up to 4 hours on high power down to 1 lumen, or 3 hours on high power down to 10% of maximum output. The head lamp can be tilted downwards so you can position the light where you need it.

Automatic temperature protection will reduce the light output if the headlamp becomes too warm after continuous use in order to protect the LED from overheating. Once the temperature drops the light output will increase again.

Product Features

Maneuverable head
Fully adjustable strap
Temperature protection
Rechargeable battery

Operational Modes

High: 410 lumens; 4 hours* / 3 hours run-time**; 260 m beam range
Low: 45 lumens; 8 hours, 36 minutes* / 7 hours, 30 minutes run-time**; 80 m beam range
Red LED: 6 lumens; 17 hours, 30 minutes run-time; 10 m beam range

* Down to 1 lumen
** Down to 10% of full output

Technical Details

Type: Professional head torch
Operating Modes: Low / High / Red
Luminous Flux: Up to 410 lumens
LED: 5 W Cree XPG2-S2 LED x 1 / Red LED x 2
Colour Temperature: 7500 K
Beam Range: Up to 260 m
Run Time: Up to 7 hours, 30 minutes in low setting (down to 1 lumen)
Focus: Spot to flood
Lens: Acrylic optical lens
Body Material: ABS and aluminium
Batteries Required: 3.7 V 1000 mAh lithium polymer battery pack (included)
Weight: 109 grams (including batteries)
Switch Type: Push button
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Environmental: Water resistant to IP45 standard
Operating Temperature: -5°C to +40°C
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Elwis Pro H4-R head torch x 1
Micro USB charging cable x 1
3.7 V 1000 mAh lithium polymer battery pack x 1
User manual x 1

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(Avg rating from 3 reviews):  

Excellent head torch, light weight and powerful
Friday, 1 May 2020  | 

I have tried a number of head torches over the years and this is the best so far. As I have got older I find I need more light for most jobs and most of my older head torches were suffering from too small LED outputs and the dreaded "floppy" elastic head bands. The Elwis device has a single large switch and simple lamp power settings from full on to half power, and a very useful pair of red LEDs. I use this primarily as a work torch, much of the time "half" power is adequate but full power is great when moving from the workshop back up to the house on darker nights. I have also used the red LEDs for late night photography in nearby woods, The torch is secured by a headband, and this is my only slight gripe, for workshop use it is fine but for outdoor activities, photography etc., I think a central strap over the crown of the head would be a very sensible addition. Generally, very impressed with the product, and the help and service from Torch Direct.

First impressions are good
Saturday, 8 February 2020  | 

Light weight, easily adjustable head band. Easy to tilt the angle of the beam with firm clicks. Very easy to alter flood to spot. So far the battery life seems accurate. Haven't managed to discharge it yet so can't comment how it performs after a few cycles of charge.

Powerful little torch
Thursday, 16 January 2020  | 

Red function is just right for walking the dog and fishing at night without spoiling my night vision; medium bright flood perfect for getting the logs in and the full spot ideal for spotting deer, geese and hares on the fen at night. Particularly like that I can go straight to red without having to go through the full white cycle. Superb bit of tech.

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