Ledlenser NEO6R Rechargeable LED Head Torch
Ledlenser NEO6R Rechargeable LED Head TorchLedlenser NEO6R Rechargeable LED Head TorchLedlenser NEO6R Rechargeable LED Head Torch

Ledlenser NEO6R Rechargeable LED Head Torch

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Brand:  Ledlenser
Product Code:  500983
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The Ledlenser NEO6R is a lightweight head torch designed with running in mind, but is equally as good for hiking, camping, dog walking and many other activities where a lightweight head torch is preferred.

As well as featuring the standard Ledlenser smart light technology, the NEO6R also incorporates a wide beam reflector. This gives the user a wider horizontal illumination for better peripheral vision and the virtually glare free optics combined with the swivel mounted head lamp unit allows you to aim the beam where required and prevents you from dazzling others.

The NEO6R is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that sits on the back of the head. It is connected to the head lap via a cable that can be disconnected to prevent accidental activation. For the light to work slot the headlamp side of the cable into the battery back side of the cable and then twist the headlamp side of the cable upwards to lock it into position.

The battery pack is recharged using the included micro USB cable. Remove the coloured silicon cover from the front of the battery pack to reveal the micro USB port. Plug the cable into the battery pack one end and the other end into a computer/laptop or into a USB car/mains adaptor that can be purchased separately if you do not already have one. A charging light will glow red to show charging is in progress and will turn green once charging has completed.

Another safety factor of the NEO6R is the blink function, the forward facing white LED provides blink mode and there is also a rear red LED, enclosed within the slimline battery pack, that will allow you to be seen from behind.

Two modes of either constant current or energy saving are available. Constant current mode will maintain the brightness output until the batteries run out, whereas energy saving mode will gradually decrease the brightness output as the battery level drops.

The small button on the right of the head lamp controls all the functions of the NEO6R. Press the button once to turn the light on in constant current mode as default. The light will be on high and the rear red light will stay solid for 5 seconds to indicate you are in constant current mode, after 5 seconds the red light will change to blink. A second press will enter low with rear red blink and a third press will enter white blink with rear red blink. Hold the button down for 1 second in any mode to turn the light off.

To change between constant current mode and energy saving mode hold the button down for 5 seconds with the light off. The light will blink once for energy saving and twice for constant current.

When the battery level is low the main light will blink three times to warn the user to charge the battery. A lockout function prevents accidental activation when not in use and is locked by holding the button down with the light off for 8 seconds and unlocked in the same way.

A chest belt to mount the NEO6R on your body is included and is good for night running or group activities so not to shine the light directly at someones face.

Operational Modes (white LED)

High: 240 lumens, 6 hours run-time, 30 m beam range
Low: 20 lumens, 40 hours run-time, 10 m beam range
Blink: 20 lumens, 100 hours run-time, 10 m beam range

Technical Details

Operating Modes: High / Low / White blink / Red blink
Luminous Flux: Up to 240 lumens
LED: 1 x High end power white LED / 1 x rear red LED
Batteries Required: Lithium-ion battery pack (included)
Run Time: Up to 40 hours on lowest setting
Weight: 95 grams (including batteries)
Colours Available: white body with either blue, green or pink detail
Body Material: ABS
Switch Type: Push button
Environmental: Waterproof and dust resistant to IP57 standard
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
NEO6R head torch x 1
Lithium-ion battery pack x 1
Chest belt x 1
Manual x 1

Dual USB Mains Adaptor (2 x 1200 mA Output)

Dual USB Mains Adaptor (2 x 1200 mA Output)

Two USB ports capable of producing 1200 mA output per socket.

25 in stock

This dual USB mains adaptor has a power output of 1200 mA per USB socket, making it ideal for charging many devices that charge via a USB port. The two USB ports make it ideal for charging phones, as you can charger two at once and only take up one plug socket.

[More details]
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Compact USB Charger (2100 mA Output)

Compact USB Charger (2100 mA Output)

14 in stock

This compact USB charger has a power output of 2100 mA, making it ideal for charging many devices that charge via a USB port.

[More details]
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Spare Lithium-ion Battery for the Ledlenser NEO6R

Spare Lithium-ion Battery for the Ledlenser NEO6R

Spare or replacement battery for the NEO6R

2 in stock

Due to shipping regulations this battery can only be shipped to the Mainland UK, unless it is sent with a compatible torch or battery charger.

[More details]
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Ledlenser NEO Reflective Chest Belt

Ledlenser NEO Reflective Chest Belt

For use with the LED Lenser NEO10R, NEO4, NEO6R, SEO3, SEO5, SEO7R, iSEO3, iSEO5R head torches.

3 in stock

This Ledlenser reflective chest belt allows you to detach your Ledlenser NEO4, NEO6R, NEO10R, iSEO3, iSEO5R, SEO3, SEO5 or SEO7R from it's head band and be mounted onto your chest. Carrying your torch in this way reduces glare, especially when running in a group or doing group activities, provides a secure hold and means you don't have to carry the weight on your head.

[More details]
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Ledlenser Extension Cable for NEO6R

Ledlenser Extension Cable for NEO6R

For use with the LED Lenser NEO6R

3 in stock

Ledlenser extension cable for the NEO6R head torch. This handy cable measures 1 metre in length and enables you to lengthen the cable between the head lamp and battery pack so that the battery pack can be removed from the headband and placed it in a pocket or backpack, thus reducing the weight carried on the head.

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Ledlenser Head Torch Pouch Type H

Ledlenser Head Torch Pouch Type H

Designed for the Ledlenser H3, H3.2, H4, H4R, H5, H5.2, H6, iH6, H6R, iH6R, H7, H7.2, H7R, H7R.2, iH7R CRI, NEO4 and NEO6R Head Torches

5 in stock

Please Note: This pouch is not compatible with the H7R CORE.

This Ledlenser pouch is designed for the Ledlenser H3, H3.2, H4, H4R, H5, H5.2, H6, iH6, H6R, iH6R, H7, H7.2, H7R, H7R.2, iH7R CRI, NEO4 and NEO6R head torches. It is made from a robust polyamide weave and provides a hard protective shell to prevent your head torch getting damaged when not in use.

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(Avg rating from 6 reviews):  

Wednesday, 28 April 2021  | 

Received a rapid response to my questions, which made purchase straightforward. Thank you.

Best supplier
Wednesday, 13 January 2021  | 

Having had a bad experience with another supplier I came to Torch Direct who supplied promptly exactly what was ordered at a fair price. Very satisfied.

No complaints
Friday, 18 December 2020  | 

Happy with this. Wide beam, bright and angle is adjustable in small increments. Reasonably light weight and comfortable.

Ledlensor NEO6R Head Torch
Friday, 15 November 2019  | 

A great head torch for running. Very bright. Good to have the different light settings & angle adjustment of the head. The chest belt is a bit of a faff. But works well once on. Would recommend to anyone looking for a head torch / running torch. Great service from Torch Direct. A++++++++

Best head torch for endurance running
Saturday, 16 February 2019  | 

If you are looking for a torch that will get you through the night this is it. 6 hrs battery life on max setting for the darkest hours, longer on the less bright setting. Best feature is size / weight - so much smaller / discreet than most others which is great for running but really packs a punch in terms of light. LED light quality is excellent. Also so simple to use. The light rotates vertically so you can adjust very easily to the angle you need. Honestly don't think there is a better product on the market for night running.

Excellent for trail running
Monday, 12 November 2018  | 

Lightweight head torch with battery pack at the back, so no movement of the actual lamp while running. I run on moderately rough forest trail in pitch black and find the light more than sufficient. I particularly like it's wide vertical and horizontal spread. Only had it a week but Ive managed 3 night time 10k runs so far as well as various nightly additional uses and its still on it's first charge.

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Brand Information

We have been an authorised Ledlenser stockist since 2008. Ledlenser is one of the world's leading brands in the LED torch market with sites in Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Switzerland, producing a range of high quality hand held LED torches and LED head torches that are unmatched anywhere in the world. These lights use state-of-the-art engineering and a variety of patent pending reflector systems to create the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights available. One of the most notable features present in most Ledlenser lights is the advanced focus system allowing you to easily change the beam from spot to flood.

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